Who am I


You cannot do everything… unless you are Fatima Nasir

Blessed with the name of the prophet’s daughter I have been loved and cared in an army back ground where I have always looked up to my father as a strong and wise man. Always doing adventures and doing the impossible.
My mother who is an artist graduated from NCA has gifted me her skills by birth. The wonder my mother does and the things she can make with her soft girly hands always encouraged me to be like her.
All my life I’ve seen my parents work together, make amazing art and do adventures.

All this has made me the way I am today.
I’m an artist my nature
An musician and a crazy athlete.

When I was a lill girl I’ve always discussed what I should be when I grow up, to which my sweet mom always replied, you can be anything you want. Nothing is impossible.

And I did it. I became everything I wanted. I did all the things I could think of.


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My life is like a dream that i think id wake up from someday finding my self in the train cabin my parents once forgot me.
Everything I’m doing is at the speed of light.
So much happening.
Everything is revolving in its own orbit around me.
My energies and my vibes. I keep them positive at all times.

I’m still figuring life out. Who I am? What I am?