Fatima Nasir will inspire you to climb a mountain

Lahore’s Fatima Nasir will inspire you to climb a mountain

She knows mountaineering, archery, swimming, horse-riding, physiotherapy, musawari, cycling, cooking and can play polo and even fly a plane. Meet a superwoman from Lahore – Fatima Nasir.

“I’m very much into extreme sports,” Fatima told SAMAA TV’s show Naya Din Friday. “I still have to try paragliding, troop gliding and a lot of other sky sports.”

When asked which sport she found most difficult or challenging, Fatima said: “I don’t think I found anything difficult. A person only fails mentally not physically. And if you increase your mental capacity, you can do anything you want.”

Fatima said after she learnt of mountaineering through her friends, she had to make her way towards it. “My friends were into mountaineering, that’s how I got to know about it. I then found this institute with internationally certified instructors.”

She said she completed two levels in just three days. “The routine was tough. We had to be up early and wash our faces with cold water, have breakfast by 8am and then leave for mountaineering by 10am with all our equipment.”

Fatima was the only girl at the camp with her younger brother. “Others included some students from LUMS. I was the only girl who was doing both levels at the same time, and the only girl to have done them successfully as well.”

There was, however, a point where Fatima felt like giving up. “I almost gave up because it involved so much, but I convinced myself that I could do it.”

Although her parents have always supported her, her mother sometimes worries about her passion. “I always take her into confidence, but polo, fire breathing and cycling on long routes worry my mother.”

Fatima also has a certificate in cookery. She can make desserts, bakery items and cocktails.

Courtesy: https://www.samaa.tv/culture/2021/01/lahores-fatima-nasir-will-inspire-you-to-climb-a-mountain/

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